Most Energy Efficient Home Heating and Cooling Systems

If your Houston home does not have proper attic insulation, has leaking air ducts, or needs more attic ventilation; even the most energy efficient home heating and cooling system can still be using excessive amounts of energy and wasting your money on high utility bills.

You can determine how efficient your home heating and cooling system is by scheduling a no cost home energy audit from A Cooler House Houston or from other professional contractors in your area that specialize in home energy efficiency.


Dallas Solar Panels

Houston Solar Energy Installation

The best way to Go Green and Be Cool is to Go Solar

Houston Solar panel installation is finally affordable. A properly designed and installed Photovoltaic System  and a commitment to a Clean, Green energy strategy can pay for itself in as little as 5 to 10 years.


How can I afford Solar Panels? 

  • First, of all the Photovoltaic industry has made huge advances in the efficiency and cost effectiveness of Solar Electric Systems in last few years.
  • Second, the Federal Government's Income Tax  Credit and new "Grants in Lieu of Tax Credits" offsets 30% of the cost of commercial Photovoltaic systems.
  • Third, local Utility and Houston rebates offset as much as $2.10 - $4.50 per installed watt! 
 Let's take a look at a realistic installation senario in Houston


Solar Energy Worksheet

Home Size:2500 sqft
PV System Size:3000 watt
Dollars per watt Cost:$7 / watt
Total Cost:$21,000
$2.46 / watt Utility Rebate:-$7,380
Sub Total:$13,620
 30% Federal Grant or Tax Credit:$4,086
Total Investment:$9,534
Annual Output:4,376 kWh
Average / kWh Cost in Texas$0.15 / kWh
Current Annual Value:$656
$656 x 20= Immediate added property value:$13,120
$656 / $9,534= Tax Free Rate of Return6.8%
Avg Rate of Utility Increase in Texas:8%
Projected Average kwh cost in 2014:$0.24 / kWh
Projected Annual Value in 2014:$1,050
$1,050 / $9,534= Tax Free Rate of Return11%

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