Most Energy Efficient Home Heating and Cooling Systems

If your Houston home does not have proper attic insulation, has leaking air ducts, or needs more attic ventilation; even the most energy efficient home heating and cooling system can still be using excessive amounts of energy and wasting your money on high utility bills.

You can determine how efficient your home heating and cooling system is by scheduling a no cost home energy audit from A Cooler House Houston or from other professional contractors in your area that specialize in home energy efficiency.



Energy Audit Houston, Texas

Schedule an energy audit in Houston with a Certified A Cooler House Energy Efficiency Auditor.

Benefits of getting an Energy Audit:Download a Sample Report

  • Make your home more comfortable while using less energy
  • Prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your Heat and A/C Equipment
  • Lower your energy bill
  • Reduce allergens or other airborne contaminants
  • Save money

Option 1

Houston Energy AuditAn Energy Auditor will come to your home and provide a free Energy Efficiency Assessment; this assessment will address your attic insulation, radiant barrier, attic ventilation, HVAC leakage, and overall home tightness. The energy assessor will leave with a price to preform any repairs that he may advise.

Option1: Free

Option 2

Option 2 addresses the same issues and then some. Our premium Energy Audit provides a home owner with a solid tangible energy audit.
We use a Blower Door to actually measure the leakage from your doors, windows, lights, and hidden places.
Your Energy Auditor will provide you with 10 - 20 page report that details any deficiencies, suggest repairs, and (most importantly give you an estimated return on investment for each repair. This will help you prioritize which repairs you make and when.

Option 2: $250 up to 2,500 sqft and then $0.18 per sqft after.

Over the last 5 years the management of A Cooler House has directly managed the Energy Efficiency improvement of over 15,000 Texas homes.

Contact us if you would like to schedule service or visit our online store to purchase SOLEC LO/MIT radiant barrier spray over the web.

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